There is an abundance of good energy in the world

Welche Energie bringst Du in die Welt?
Dieser Text von Angela Halverson Bogo hat mich tief berührt und angesprochen, weil ich doch in der Alltagshektik oft in alte Muster verfalle, dass „Alles“ nicht reicht, die Zeit, das Geld usw.   – Eine schöne Erinnerung:  es ist Fülle und Überfluss da – jetzt leicht im Frühling in der Natur zu spüren – und ich bin eingeladen, das zu genießen!

This is for you! I am sending good energy right now as I write. There is an abundance of good energy in the world. By writing this I remind myself and I am inviting anyone who it speaks to, to notice. Notice the invitations to engage, to play, to be your truth, your love, to be real. There are a thousand moments a day to shift into awareness, awakeness, aliveness, gratitude. To shift by being the awareness, awakeness, aliveness, gratitude. By loving the self, taking care of the body, the inner child, to mother yourself, to do some tiny creative act. The struggle in life is over in the moment we act as the who we actually are. We are not victims. We are super powers incarnate.
A blessing is coming all the time. When I believe in goodness, a new world breaks through and beauty and possibility and support are everywhere. I received the original version of this message and re wrote it. Write your own if you wish. Is there something good, true or lovely you believe and can send out? Let if flow through you as you write and give it away to many, however many you want.
If you send to me I’ll be grateful. I don’t need you to, I don’t need anything! Be happy. You can ignore this message. It isn’t a test. You are god, source, life unfolding as this moment. What could you possibly need? Enjoy yourself.


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Katrin Paul

Baujahr 1969, Wildnisreisende, Pädagogin, Naturliebhaberin, Mutter und Ehefrau, Kitaleiterin, Qigonglehrerin, Projektmanagerin... immer daran interessiert, der Natur der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen und Weite in den Horizont zu bekommen. Meine Lieblingsthemen: Bewegte Meditation, Coaching zur Potentialentfaltung, Elterncoaching, Kita- und Schulfortbildungen zur Beziehungskompetenz und Umgang mit traumatisierten Kindern.