Reinventing Education

Do you wish for a new level of cooperation: human, warm, energetic, outgrowing yourself?

As harmonious as we like it, it is often not in the boardroom or in teamwork – but here comes the remedy for energy-consuming conflicts! Working with meaning instead of mission statement, personal language in dialogue at eye level instead of discussions about the right path, people present instead of absent role carriers …

Through my process support, I enable organizations and teams to live a new culture of relationship:

  • Trust culture instead of power, pressure and control
  • Self-organization with flat hierarchies
  • self-learning, flexible organizational structures
  • transparency

This wonderfully fulfilling way of working together requires the personal growth of all those involved – it is so strange for us to really take ourselves 100% seriously and to take care of his personal needs and to act with integrity / authenticity.

My passion is to help people build an appreciative culture of trust. If you want a taste of what that might look like, this book is well-equipped:

The Picture Book for Reinventing Organizations cult book
The illustrated book of the orderer for the reinvention of organizations such as day nurseries, schools, companies, etc. is here !!!! Here you can clearly see how meaningful cooperation can look like in the future – as it were the illustrated house Bible of all innovative institutions, which develop from education to a relationship culture. And not only in terms of the children or students, but also on the way the adults work together as a team.

Establishing a teal school

The organization that has implemented my ideas so far most extensively and is constantly developing, is the one I co-founded Free Nature School Barnim. To the English article about the work here.

Lecture and discussion

Katrin Paul stellt das Selbtorganisationskonzept auf dem europäischen Kongress in Ungarn 2018 vor

Self-Organization in Kindergarten and School – Basic Thoughts and Principles of a Culture of Trust (according to the book Reinventing Organizations, F. Laloux)
Open lecture with a presentation (beamer required) and possible subsequent discussion, how far self-organization in your organization would be conceivable / feasible / feasible.

The boss goes ahead – self-organization must come from above!

For all organizations that are seriously considering the idea of ​​partially or completely embarking on self-organization – process support for the board, boss or whoever directs. Self-organization works only when it is desired from above – and therefore it requires knowledge, reflection, and goal-setting for those who are beginning to redistribute power.

Process support for day-care centers and schools in transition or in start-up

Supervision and continuous counseling for organizations on the way to self-organization on various topics, always individually tailored to practical needs.

Training for more presence, authenticity and (self-) leadership skills in social institutions

Here you will find all the events at the Mirabellenhof, which offer a way for professionals and interested people to cultivate the necessary personal growth and to deepen the competencies of leadership / self-leadership in a culture of trust.

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Gladly I advise you /  your personal questions and individual organization conditions.

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